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    Escargot Forums Spriteclad's old sites directory

    fuck i keep forgetting you have an account on here lmao
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    Escargot Forums Spriteclad's old sites directory

    (A repost from Matt's WebTV server) A collection of old sites that seem to work well on older browsers, and also seemingly well on WebTV.
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    Escargot Forums, NINA Forums So NINA will support Yahoo?

    Tony already mentioned how it's going to go, however I have no clue if it's supposed to be in order. If I had to guess, however, the main focus seems to be AIM, followed by America Online, and so on. Though I'm pretty sure details on that will definitely change as time goes on.
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    Escargot Forums Escargot Video/Voice Calling without port forwarding or being on the same network?

    Honestly? If something like this is/was possible I'd love to see this implemented sometime.