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    Escargot Forums Skinning Messenger Plus Live Skin Making Miscellanous Documentation

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    Escargot Forums Bug: Blocked contacts randomly get unblocked

    I've blocked 2 contacts and whenever I login back to Escargot (after I wake up/reconnect after I got randomly disconnected/relogin after the server's back up), they get unblocked. So whenever they reconnect, I quickly have to click "Block". I'm on '09 (which for some reason is buggy, tons of...
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    Escargot Forums Forum link on Escargot website

    (kind of done manually greentexting for now, imma just use the standard forum quote thing) While I was testing a unrelated ""filter"" (the one that detects swear words), I posted a reply on a thread on a category I thought I was censored on, but I didn't have the "verification thing". Seems...
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    Escargot Forums Forum link on Escargot website

    >You should know by now the censorship not only applied to you, but a few others, me included. Um... Do you have the "post needs approval" error? >and you better not as well I won't, i won't. >also I notice you're trying to start using greentext now. 4chan got your tongue? I've greentexted...
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    Escargot Forums Forum link on Escargot website

    >censoring users opinions on the forum i'm pretty sure that has only happended to me. anyhow, i'm somewhat kinda sure that valtron hasen't even checked what is even going on with messengergeek wink.