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  1. RebMillenn

    Escargot Forums Messenger Activity SDK Documentation + Activity Sandbox

    Linked in this post are downloads to the official Messenger Activity SDK, which includes documentation for writing activities and games and an incomplete version of the Tic-Tac-Toe Classic game, and an unofficial Activity sandbox that was developed to allow for testing of Activities without...
  2. RebMillenn

    Escargot Forums What we know so far of MSNTV2's protocols

    Consider this a sort of follow-up to my thread about the partial archive of MSNTV2 service content I posted a few days ago. A month ago I finally got my hands on a working MSNTV2 box from eBay. I already attempted to get one some months ago but by the time I was able to get a power adapter for...
  3. RebMillenn

    Escargot Forums Interesting find of partially archived MSNTV2 service content

    one site containing the box's system sounds, select HTML pages ripped from the system that control how the box operates (again yes they did that), and various test scripts and miscellaneous items. That all changes today. While looking through the system's HTML code that happened to be ripped...
  4. RebMillenn

    Escargot Forums Fixing issues with Flash content not playing on Messenger

    Note: A tutorial to install flash player is now maintained on the wiki. If you're looking to use winks or view other Flash content on Messenger, but are greeted with an error telling you to install Flash Player or they don't play properly (e.g., glitchy/no animation), then you've come to the...
  5. RebMillenn

    Escargot Forums [GUIDE] Installing Messenger with Wine (Linux/macOS)

    To install Messenger on Linux or pre-Catalina macOS with Wine, start by installing the following dependencies through winetricks: corefonts gdiplus msls31 riched20 riched30 tahoma These dependencies will install the necessary text and graphical components needed for MSN Messenger to operate...
  6. RebMillenn

    Escargot Forums [GUIDE] Resolving Messenger login errors on Windows XP and Vista (versions 4.7/5+)

    The following guide was originally written by user ThatXPUser on our Discord server. Please take into account this solution isn't 100% for everyone, and that it's only confirmed to work for users using Windows XP on an x86 architecture, or any edition of Windows Vista. This guide also doesn't...
  7. RebMillenn

    Escargot Forums MsgHelp Archive
  8. RebMillenn

    Escargot Forums Messenger Plus! Live Scripting/Skinning Documentation - Downloads

    This link goes to a download for a ZIP file (couldn't attach it here directly due to size limitations) with all revisions of skinning and scripting documentation for MP!L archived so far, which were published in .chm format. You can either download select revisions or download the entire ZIP and...