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  1. Animadoria

    Escargot Forums Important Escargot Status: please donate!

    Due to the increase in use, we've roughly gained 50% new users in the last few months, and especially lately, the costs of hosting have gone up (especially bandwidth). So, we have fallen short this month for the bill, so please donate, even a dollar, but more would be helpful if you want to...
  2. Animadoria

    Escargot Forums Important New hosts: PATCH IMMEDIATELY!

    There's a new patch tool available, USE IT EVEN IF YOU ARE ALREADY USING A PATCHED VERSION OF MSN/WLM IT WILL FIX THE HOST NAME. Unless you're already using the new hosts (and you almost certainly are not): server = configserver = YOU MUST PATCH TO...
  3. Animadoria

    Escargot Forums Fixing the "Debug Assertion Failed!" exception on Escargot

    Hello there. This is a quick program on how to fix the "Debug Assertion Failed" exception that sometimes shows up for some people. Open msnmsgr.exe-escargot.ini (should be in your Program Files/Windows Live/Messenger or MSN Messenger) and add these lines, if you don't have them: server =...
  4. Animadoria

    Escargot Forums iTunes Messenger

    No, but I have the source code somewhere. I'll compile it and upload it soon.
  5. Animadoria

    I wish

    I wish
  6. Animadoria

    Hello world! 😀💖

    Hello world! 😀💖
  7. Animadoria

    Escargot Forums Messenger Plus! being treated as malware by antiviruses

    Hello everyone, I'm here to give a quick message about Messenger! Plus being treated as malware by antiviruses. Back in the day, the Messenger! Plus installer used to include optional spyware programs (you had to click Skip, I think). Obviously, that doesn't happen right now, all those servers...
  8. Animadoria

    Escargot Forums Escargot Service Status Update

    Hello everyone, I've decided to make this thread to answer some questions I've seen over the Interwebz regarding Escargot and to give the true facts. Q: Is Escargot closed-source now? No! All the changes I've made are going to the repository, don't worry, I just haven't gotten around to improve...
  9. Animadoria

    Escargot Forums iTunes Messenger

    I made a simple program that shows the song you're listening to on iTunes on your MSN/Windows Live Messenger PSM. Requires .NET Framework 4.5.1. You can change the text layout and your icon as well!
  10. Animadoria

    Escargot Forums Messenger:mac with Escargot -- the problems

    when I can see my contacts for a split second. (No, I'm not getting an OUT OTH command!) And yes, I'm open for comments.
  11. Animadoria

    Escargot Forums Unable to send/receive messages on escargot chat on any client/operating system

    Only the project owner can delete users, and he's not that active. Just create an account with a different email address.
  12. Animadoria

    Escargot Forums, NINA Forums Step-to-Step Tutorial: How to patch Yahoo! Messenger 5.0 and 5.5

    Hi everyone! Here's a tutorial on how to install and patch Yahoo! Messenger 5.0 and 5.5. First of all, download the unpatched version from the Escargot website ( and install it, and download the Escargot Switcher...
  13. Animadoria

    Escargot Forums [GUIDE] Installing Messenger with CrossOver on macOS 10.15+

    Hello everyone, here's a tutorial on how to install Messenger (up to 7.5) on CrossOver. First of all, create a new Bottle. Name it whatever you want. Download Escargot from the website (a pre-patched version is what we're gonna use today). Install Messenger the usual way ("Unlisted...