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  1. ThatXPUser

    Escargot Forums Scripting Script I Made

    _already did that_
  2. ThatXPUser

    Escargot Forums [GUIDE]Changing ads in MSN/WLM

    Thought it would be nice separating this to a thread. This is about changing the default add in MSN/WLM (incomplete so no 6.x and 7.x) ==PREREQUISITES== close msn/wlm ============== MSGS 1.x-4.x should use 234x50 MSN 5.x should use 237x50 MSN 6.x-7.x should...
  3. ThatXPUser

    Escargot Forums [Low priority] [PROJECT!] 2nd Branding thread

    changing the default advertmsn messenger 5 but its escargot branded.timjames47'sokResource Hackerway to insert your own advertisement on msn. Now i don't have enough time to do this all in a day neither do i have for single bits due to school homework so leave some tips and bits or your...
  4. ThatXPUser

    Escargot Forums [GUIDE] Resolving Messenger login errors on Windows XP and Vista (versions 4.7/5+)

    As you said the experience will be quite annoying but i couldn't get WLM working with this guide only, i'd have to set up TLS 1.1&1.2 to get it working, ProxHTTPSProxy never worked for me so thats what i use ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Escargot Forums A low priority idea for branding

    Most of it yeah... but i don't see any reason on doing so
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    Escargot Forums Escargot tabs update

    > me be like writing thread on wlm Escargot just rolled out a update on tabs which Removed -Ebay tab and added +Nina forum tab (links to the escargot board) btw the mg tab was removed long ago Also nina errors out (still works) on installs without the internet explorer patch
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    Escargot Forums First contact post :P -

    I don't really have anything to put here i am not online regularly neither do i want to talk most of the time but uh
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    Escargot Forums Scripting [Plus! Scripts] Some scripts i made, thought they might be useful to someone

    1. Log in and out notices, shows your email and display name at login, then alerts you of being logged out at log out LoginoutNotices.plsc (720 Bytes)LoginoutSounds.plsc (65.2 KB) you can change the sounds by importing it, then going to the scripts path and changing login.wav and logoff.wav 3...
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    Escargot Forums [Low Priority] Bringing the Ads back to Messenger

    I can't find how would that help, honestly with all of the programs i have here also make shrinking look crunchy or bad, not to mention the small things become one pixel or die Edit: I just tried it with images and basic shapes, seems to be a good way to do stuff, still wouldn't use it for...
  10. ThatXPUser

    Escargot Forums [Low Priority] Bringing the Ads back to Messenger

    New findings, you don't need to have the ad in 234x60 for it to show up, WLM stretches it I've also set up some templates for the ads
  11. ThatXPUser

    Escargot Forums, NINA Forums So NINA will support Yahoo?

    Hmm neat, do you have any information you would like to tell us?, like what is gonna be supported and how?
  12. ThatXPUser

    Escargot Forums [Low Priority] Bringing the Ads back to Messenger

    Quite bored, so decided to do it myself :P Untested on MSN versions, Messenger wayResource Hackermsgsres.dll ;D