Escargot Bugs


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These are the bugs I have found (or that are known) in Escargot, if anyone finds anymore, feel free to add your bug(s) to this thread:

1. Contacts statuses not showing up right after you add them, need to log out and back in.
2. Some connections a conversation will refuse to send messages in either end.
3. Display names not saving after logging off and back on
4. When a contact goes offline, messages can't be sent to the user.


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Snoresville said:
4. When a contact goes offline, messages can't be sent to the user.

That isn't a bug. On 7.5 and below there was no such thing as messaging people who were offline, and while MSN 7 supports receiving offline messages AFAIK only mobile devices could send such messages. On version 8, it's just that right now services aren't implemented for offline messages and right now they can't be. This is due to the client patches being used for WLM 8 essentially breaking support for retrieving them as authentication details needed to verify access to those services don't get sent last time that was tested. Until the upcoming server update (the one with WLM 2009 and Yahoo! support) comes out along with the corresponding new patches to allow OIMs to work properly, it won't be possible to use that feature. Otherwise I think all the other bugs are reasonable to call out, and for now I can't say when those will be fixed completely. Let's just hope for the best.