Escargot Service Status Update

Hello everyone, I've decided to make this thread to answer some questions I've seen over the Interwebz regarding Escargot and to give the true facts.

Q: Is Escargot closed-source now?
No! All the changes I've made are going to the repository, don't worry, I just haven't gotten around to improve the code (it's not the best right now) and fix some bugs I've found. I don't wanna push things that won't work properly, but they're gonna be committed.

Q: What have you been doing, exactly? I haven't seen anything! You're not doing anything!
Well... I have been doing stuff. For instance, Windows Live Messenger 2009 now has a What's New window, tabs work on that version, Windows Live Messenger 8+ now have a video feed, I implemented a new activity... and for under the hood improvements, I've made tons of internal changes, for instance, we moved to a much powerful server that doesn't get congested every five minutes, we're not running on PostgreSQL anymore, and much more.

Q: Well if you’re doing so much why isn’t Windows Live Messenger 2011/12 available yet?
Because it’s a messy protocol with a bunch of stuff to implement, but stay tuned on the official Escargot Discord and forums.

Q: Escargot is merging with NINA!!!!!11
Oh my goodness... No. Our official forums are the NINA forums, (have been since September, even before the Discord merge... there's a difference between a service and their forums... the previous forums weren't Escargot branded as well, were they?), but the service is gonna stay separate, I can assure you. NINA isn't even out yet! The Discord has been merged with the NINA Discord, but that doesn't mean the Escargot service is part of NINA. Just a centralized community with different services.

It's really disrespectful as a developer to see people saying all these bogus claims after all the work I've made. Don't spread misinformation on the internet. It's not nice.

And with that, I also have to point out that nothing changed (except for the developers, now it’s me) and that things are going smoothly. If you have any questions, please send them on our Discord or on our forums. I also have to point out that the servers are not cheap and we’d appreciate if you could donate to us, we’d be grateful. You’ll get some benefits!
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