Scripting [Plus! Scripts] Some scripts i made, thought they might be useful to someone

App-related scripting
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1. Log in and out notices, shows your email and display name at login, then alerts you of being logged out at log out
LoginoutNotices.plsc (720 Bytes)LoginoutSounds.plsc (65.2 KB)
you can change the sounds by importing it, then going to the scripts path and changing login.wav and logoff.wav

3. Actions PSM, changes your PerSonal Message actions done (Script start, chat window open, chat window closed, recived message, sent message, blocked a contact, unblocked a contact, set a new name, changed status to "status", closing contacts window and opening contacts window) and Special thanks to walkingphaser :D
ActionPSM.plsc (1.29KB)
Note: it overrides your current PSM and there is no way of reverting it back unless you disable the script and redo your PSM, there's also no way of disabling certain actions to show up

4. 8ball, little 8ball script, a RNG which filters answers. /do8ball for it to work
8ball.plsc (897 Bytes)
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