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Total sounds: 12,330

Sounds sent since activation: 81,340

Popular Sounds - Top 10

Here are the current most popular sounds, organised by category (excluding "Private" sounds).

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Cartoons / Games
Sound Name Sound ID Sent Count
trombetta 42a3ea33a5d7 977
!sxd15 245ca64ad3ff 694
!sxd14 00e83f77ae7c 662
It's me Mario! 2798c0b3559e 633
!cm 1acc88aef39c 552
Bitch! 0f80ec43dcaa 495
3DMM Splash Sound 166057b8bba7 429
OH MY GOD 45b00ce001ea 423
AWAWAWWAW 334430cf782f 398
TV / Movies
Sound Name Sound ID Sent Count
:D 2ccc4cdaaf8a 1255
!sxd14 c2f0224ef38d 637
shut the fuck up 28703cc00a5b 421
ercik 2e587cb968b4 384
me irl 23debeca7bd2 280
i shat in your mouth 3fa463434d94 268
kenan e kel 15a0e5fdf9e6 230
huuuuuuh 1a182beb7f79 212
QUE ONDAAAA1 b0d822f055a9 201
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 31708e761c60 184
Sound Name Sound ID Sent Count
Super Idol df1079721b65 428
-w- 9350369bba7a 333
Rick Roll (17 of 18) fdd0b208773f 311
OH SHIT 9eb51013582e 270
The Red Sun In The Sky c41c195e2cf4 223
Jiafei (Α±‚™™) fb6031947a1e 197
Clubmusic122 f7b8a86ec9c6 190
hold up 3fc878f5e8b8 189
daftpunktrap1 0040f744791e 181
Country-Art (2003) 5474b99f694d 148
Sound Name Sound ID Sent Count
:) 2e34029f09cc 601
Dhos 7220b1716c2b 433
Bing Chilling aebc51cc9f4c 350
!Sc caca 4394d53fe88a 289
Hey Mother Fucker 9db833bb9b42 258
fuck you 18f8926fb67e 244
xdddd a3c46cbdbe91 241
certified hood classic 46ac55d01839 222
sxd2 8a746a92ec98 213
JJJJJJJJJJ' ec54c578b5a2 195
Sound Effects
Sound Name Sound ID Sent Count
? 44fc7b880ede 552
AIM ring 11125f12d2ce 484
Mic Hit 0be443429258 421
bitconect 6ca4bcea7882 387
BootUP ac7a2bd643ce 357
yes 0d50bde01677 354
Salut 143036188018 336
MI Enviado AIM 1711d6dde382 335
fleshdrive 4448ce8c0ff6 334
winshut 3098684f9c6c 333

Disclaimer: sounds provided by the Custom Sounds service of Messenger Plus! are sounds created by users for users therefore, we cannot be hold responsible for the content of any sound provided by this service. We do our best to moderate the database on a daily basis, sounds not suitable for a general audience are marked as private and as a result, are blocked from the statistics and the "get random sound" feature. Due to the number of sounds that are exchanged every day on this service, it is very likely that some sounds escape from our monitoring, we apologize for the inconvenience.