The latest news from Escargot.


There's a new patch tool available, USE IT EVEN IF YOU ARE ALREADY USING A PATCHED VERSION OF MSN/WLM IT WILL FIX THE HOST NAME. Unless you're already using the new hosts (and you almost certainly are not):


server =
configserver =

There's no guarantee that the host will continue to work despite some people persisting to use it.

Modernise your retro yourself:

Tell your friends as well. If a bunch of you can't sign on one day, you have no one to blame but yourself for not heeding this dire warning. Feel free to copy and paste this thread everywhere!

Read more on the forums:


WLM 8+ now supports a video display feature where the ad banner is. This rotates with the ad banner every few seconds.

A JavaScript error on the Escargot Today page should be fixed.

Now Messenger Plus! downloads come in an encrypted 7z format with the password "escargot". The reason is that some anti-viruses flag Messenger Plus! as malware (due to the optional adware Messenger! Plus would bundle on the installer, but it doesn't work anyway) and they flag our entire storage server as unsafe.


Yay, more changes! We implemented the ad banner system on Escargot. If you wanna submit your own banners (animated or not), please do on our forums or on our Discord.


We have new images on the website, thanks Marda33


We have a brand new website! This one is cleaner, more modern, responsive (doesn't go all crazy on weird resolutions), has dark mode, and is overall better. Try it out! For those web designers out there, yes, it uses Bootstrap 4. Give your suggestions on our Discord and in our forums. Thanks once again to Animadoria for the beautiful website (I'm pretending like I didn't write this)

Whiteboard is now available via Activities, so have fun. Major thanks goes out to Animadoria. Here is a demo that shows how terrible Tony is at writing with a mouse (see bottom of image for horror show).


We have moved successfully and have been up and running without any failures (except once by a crazed cronjob) since moving, and have had zero congestion since moving as well.


We are in process of moving to much faster server. You can learn more about how to move on the NINA Wiki.


We're glad to announce that we were able to find a solution for users experiencing issues with logging on through Mercury Messenger, and users of the app can continue using it normally. Effective immediately, its corresponding download in the MSN Messenger downloads along with all other content pertaining to it will be reinstated as well

Added distinction between Traditional and Simplified Chinese downloads with respective flags


Twitter and Facebook Messenger tabs removed and added Messenger Plus 1.10 to MSN Messenger downloads


Visual improvements to the site have been added, thanks Animadoria


After two years, our biggest update yet is FINALLY out. This might be our last big update for a while

Support for WLM 2009 is now out. Many improvements to existing services in previous MSN versions and the server core have also been introduced to fix various bugs that have been lingering around for some time and to better the user experience for everyone. We also introduced the text ad functionality back into MSN that we provisioned to display promotion from us and other projects we think are worth sharing.

For WLM 2009, if you plan to install with the prepatched installers make sure you uninstall any existing Windows Essentials installations > 2009 before installing as they will not function properly as a result of version conflict.

Alongside WLM 2009 support, we are also unveiling our new Group Chats feature. You can finally make your own proper, persistent group chat that won't require you to be online 24/7 to maintain (currently only WLM 2009 supports this feature).

For those who wants some refreshing Messenger Plus! action to go with their WLM 2009 experience, we've added Messenger Plus! 5.02 to the MSN Messenger Extras (note that you can still use version 4.83 for WLM 2009 if you really want to, but if you want to get the most out of your WLM 2009 experience with Messenger Plus!, we recommend you give 5.02 a try)

All new and previous pre-patched clients for MSN are now patched with our new Escargot Switcher component. If you have a client patched with our older patches and want to continue using Escargot without any unexpected issues later down the road, then we recommend you reinstall your client with our new pre-patched installers (or manually patch it if you feel comfortable doing that). This also means that all new pre-patched clients installed starting from now will only work on Windows XP and up for now due to the way the underlying patch solution is built.

Warning to MSN Messenger users: because we reverted our archaic msidcrl patch in these new patches, accounts saved from mid-2017 to 2020 on a patched client may not carry over and you will have to re-enter your credentials if that's the case, following installation of the new patches..

This site now has a proper login system. Currently this will allow you to manage your account's settings and your group chats. The ability to view your account's PUID also requires you to log in to your account settings. This news section also has an RSS feed now

Usernames are now a thing and are mandatory on all user accounts (previous accounts that have been created before 11/15/2020 have an auto-generated username; it was the best we could do). Keep this in mind when sharing your Escargot contact info from this point forward. You can find your username if you aren't aware of it by logging in to your account settings

Our service now supports offline messaging. To be able to utilize it in any fashion however you will have to reinstall your client with our new patches as the old ones break this functionality

A quick shoutout to Nerm from the community for making the lovely installer banner, by the way


Added a content tab upgrade for MSN Messenger to Extras

Updated front page to bring more attention to our wishlist


Don't let the silence fool you, we are still hard at work trying to get our long-awaited update with WLM 2009 support out. Two years of hard work and testing that went into these updates have led to this.

We are also aware of people taking our code from this update that is on our GitLab and hosting it themselves, mainly to make the claim that they have fully working support for WLM 2009. While we're all for people using our project for their own uses and building upon what we've made, the kind of projects we mention seem to only exist to ride on the hype for WLM 2009 people have been anticipating us to fulfill ever since Escargot was created.

We won't mention specifics, but so far we've seen that these projects are poorly put together and rely on hacky workarounds that were originally meant only for testing purposes (i.e., HOSTS redirects that target Microsoft services) to allow end users to connect. We also noticed that they don't fully utilize certain features like allowing users to manage their group chats (which are an upcoming feature, by the way) and in terms of general quality are very subpar. We know we've hyped WLM 2009 support a lot on our end for 2 years and even made farfetched claims that it'd be out "soon enough" at times, but lazily hosting our code, throwing out "patches" not meant for general usage, and calling it a day is NOT how you respond to that.

Most of these projects were made by people who have no idea how to work their way around our software, and usually their "server" ends up not going anywhere and dies off. New ones do continue to crop up though and have no shame in boasting that they're the service that supports WLM 2009 yet expect their users, without any issues, to be able to just slap some half-baked host configurations and self signed certificates onto their computer that they will have to maintain ever-so-often. Just know that we don't recommend users join these services as the trustworthiness of the people running them can't be verified, and we don't support these sort of projects nor their motives at all. Constantly begging us to support certain versions of a messenger is one thing, but going out of your way to slap code we haven't officially rolled out yet onto a server without any sort of effort and trying to appear as if you are superior to us isn't cool.

As much as some might get tired of us delaying things and telling them to wait, that's the only real option right now as we have a very small team and the people that did help with more of the hefty stuff have left and we have to avoid biting more than we chew to allow our upcoming update to be the best it can be. That is all for now.


Added NINA's Messenger Plus content archive to MSN Messenger Extras


在MSN Messenger下载页面中添加了简体中文的WLM 8.1 (Added WLM 8.1 in Simplified Chinese to the MSN Messenger downloads page)

Added wiki link


Added WLM 8.1 downloads in Croatian, Czech, Greek, Hebrew, Russian, and Ukranian to the MSN Messenger downloads page. Thanks to Animadoria for providing original installers


eBay tab has been removed; forums tab added


SetEscargotServer.reg patch (MSN 1 - 6) modified to work on Windows 9x


Recently, we've come to the conclusion that we might be growing out of our old forum host. We feel it hasn't been up to standards for our community (which has been the case for a long time, we had just been hopeful the forum admin would do something about it...), and so far, to say the least, we've seen the admin completely take the forum in a different direction topic-wise, no longer trying to cater to the Escargot or IM audience and turning it into what we can only describe as an "anything goes" forum that has vague relations to instant messaging. This coupled with complaints from users about these weird and frustrating changes has given us no other choice but to look at another option we've been announcing on our Discord server not too long ago.

The creator of the upcoming revival project NINA, has given us a space on its forum for not only MSN discussion, but dedicated Escargot discussion as well, as we sort out our current forum dilemma and wait for our own forum dedicated to Escargot discussion and development. From giving our Discord members a chance to try out the NINA board things are looking promising and much better than our previous option. From the time this announcement is out, we'll officially replace the old links with NINA's where appropriate. Take a look for yourself, you won't be disappointed. .

Quick aside, you should give NINA itself a chance too once it comes out. Not only will it be of high quality for an AIM and AOL revival, but it also plans to tackle as many more platforms as possible like Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, and XMPP.

Site translations have been removed entirely. It's not fun knowing when simple site changes have to be made that they have to apply to more than 10 translation files with appropriate translations as well, and that can take a while, especially when most of that is done by a small team not even specialized in that field (we weren't keen on waiting on volunteers we never picked to do it for us). To be frank, this whole redesign has done us more bad than good with the amount of overhead its added to updating small parts of the site alongside various UX bugs that we aren't interested in fixing, and we only have ourselves to blame for accepting a major change from a user without properly auditing it. After our next major service update is out and our last revision of this redesign is rolled out with it, we'll look into replacing it with something more competent completely

More WLM 2009 news! While this has been known by our Discord community for some time, we ought to announce it here at some point: all the major code needed for our next major update is officially done. Site and server code, alongside all things needed for patching clients, are all finished and now all we need to worry about are deploying server changes and new downloads (pre-patched clients, utilities, etc.). Speaking of which, we're mapping out plans to make that happen as soon as possible. Stay tuned for further developments

The IRC links have been removed. We thought it would be a nice addition for those not interested in forums or Discord and to faciliate migration for distraught Messenger Reviver users who resided on the network, but it has only brought nothing but trolls and limited activity that ultimately died down quickly.


We got mentioned in another MJD video! We're honored to have been covered by a YouTuber with a sizable following especially interested in retro tech, and so far we notice the video is picking up a good amount of views per day, and that because of this more people are recognizing our project and taking interest in it. So much so that by the time the video was uploaded, we had lots of users come in waves on our Discord server for a day or two and our staff there had to keep up with the amount of activity, which was a complete surprise to us at the time as we never knew the video was uploaded up until it was brought to our attention. We're still actively improving the service not only for our current users, but our new users too, and we look forward to keeping these new users in with what we have to offer. Especially with the big upcoming update close to being ready for release (nudge nudge wink wink WLM 2009)

2020-06-07 games have been fixed so that they don't throw script errors on Windows installations with modern versions of Internet Explorer (A VBScript function that handled locale detection wouldn't be loaded for security reasons and would be seen by the JavaScript as undefined - this has been replaced with a JavaScript equivalent of the function). Icons have also been converted so that they render properly on WLM 8+


Thanks to Koen of fame, we were able to get our hands on most of the original custom games, tweak them to keep them compatible on modern systems (mainly IE-related issues), and upload them to our MSN App Directory server for you guys to enjoy. The games we obtained include the following: Backgammon, Battleships, Chess, Connect 4, Nine Men's Morris (9-piece version of Tic-Tac-Toe), Memory, Reversi, Tetris, and Yahtzee (leaderboard functionality is currently disabled for this game, but we will look into replacing it with our own sometime in the future). We did find Mine Mess and Hangman also (both of which were coded by "JimmyL"), but we decided against uploading them right now as those games relied on Java applets to operate and we imagine not many computers have Java installed for that purpose anymore (and the possibility that the applets are unsigned, which would prevent them from being easily runnable on modern Java). Regardless, we hope you enjoy this long-belated addition to our currently small MSN games library. 


We've improved our account system by allowing it to treat email addresses case-insensitively. So now you don't have to worry about what case your email's in when logging in or adding a contact. 


Added links to our Discord on the site header/footer and homepage

We've made headway with progress on supporting WLM 2009 - we've fixed a program-breaking bug in the new patches we're planning to use on all Escargot clients following the release of the major server update (this isn't limited to MSN), where on any connection attempt the target program would crash on anything below Windows 10. We also got around to making our patcher tool for creating pre-patched installers successfully patch MSN clients from 5.0 to 8.5 along with WLM 2009's MSI components with the new patches in question. We still have to tackle creating an installer framework to bundle patched WLM 2009 components into an all-in-one installer and making our patcher tool build those on-the-fly. Sadly that won't be an easy task as proper installers are pretty involved and they're something we as a team haven't had much experience with making. We're hoping to make something work though and move forward with finally releasing WLM 2009 support along with the other updates.


Added WLM PUID Generator (this is now part of your account settings)


All prepatched installers have been redone following a notice that one of our pre-patched installers for MSN 7.5 didn't contain a necessary patch that'd allow it to log on

We have our own Messenger Plus sound server that we just got around to utilizing (the one everyone's been using prior is from one of our developers, tristanleboss). Right now it has no connection to Tristan's server (it only queries sounds from his server as a temporary failsafe in case someone sends a request for one from there to our server) but he has agreed to let us migrate his sounds to our server soon

Due to the above announcement, Messenger Plus! 3 and Plus! Live installers have been updated to install sound server patches pointing to our servers (credit to Patchou for helping us with figuring out how to modify Plus 3's installer)

Fixed a critical bug on this site where mirrored and unmirrored downloads got mixed up. We also made the recommended button show and link to the actual recommended version for each locale and the pre-patched/unpatched versions section to properly display versions that were previous incorrectly labelled (all were design flaws introduced by the redesign, not us)


Fixed a bug with our news tab on MSN Messenger so that it doesn't spit out any more script errors. We hope this improves your MSN experience (we've even got reports of the script error blocking keyboard input in the application)

We have a new netadmin on our team. Guess who? If you guessed that irresistable code-breaking Canadian Jonathan Kay, then you're right! He has an extensive record in networking and server maintenance and as we speak he's in the process of upgrading our database infrastructure (yay for progress!). We assure you he'll come in handy for many other things to come in the future


Messenger Plus! 3 and Plus! Live sound patches and Escargot Autopatcher have been removed from downloads for the following reasons: Plus! 3 sound patch is outdated and no longer works; Plus! Live sound patch only consists of the DLL and the downloads page can't contain sufficient instructions for its installation at the moment; Escargot Autopatcher only works with MSN clients up to 7.0 and will improperly patch clients after that version, along with the fact it's seemingly been abandoned by its developer (Messenger Plus! sound patches are now a part of the Plus installers)


Sorry for the 30+ minute outage. We were running some database tasks that required Escargot services to be temporarily shut down. We assure this won't happen again (once we can finally migrate our databases to PostgreSQL most likely).


MSN Messenger tab icons have been tweaked to look more presentable after two whole years. It's no WLM 2009 or Yahoo Messenger support, but at least we're making attempts to spruce up the server in any other way we can (plus stuff like this and the App Directory server take less time than how we predict how long deployment and client patches for the next release will take)

Oh. By the way, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and two years of Escargot. We're sincerely sorry for the two year long wait of the release of our upcoming server update, but time hasn't been on our side for the past year and we all have jobs and other hobbies to focus on. What we're certain on however is that we're always looking for the right opportunity to restart progress on that and set up new client patches and all the stuff needed to roll it out to you guys. Take care and don't let the silence on our end stop you from using Escargot 


File Sharing activity removed from our App Directory server due to it crashing WLM 8 clients. Sharing Folders were a thing by then anyway

Although File Sharing is gone, we're glad to announce that we have obtained a proper full version of Tic Tac Toe and added it to the App Directory.

HTTP has been enabled for MsgrConfig and our App Directory server. MSN users on Windows XP should have no issues accessing Activities/tabs now


WLM 8+ support rolled out for our MSN AppDirectory server, courtesy of tristanleboss


We have an official MSN AppDirectory server running and configured for normal use on MSN 6 - 7 (WLM 8+ support will be looked into soon). You can drop the custom made MSGRP2Ps now. Currently supported applications include Web Sharing (made by none other than Jonathan Kay) and an official MSN application by Microsoft named File Sharing (from what we can gather it's a bit cooler than the built in file transfer feature). If you're already on MSN, log out and log back in to get in on the goods. If you aren't, go try them out and enjoy yourself. 


Escargot Spaces tab has been removed now that the project has been shut down 3 months back

We've found out that issues with signing in on MSN 5 lies in a server bug that has already been fixed in our upcoming update. Fixing this bug on our current server revision will be looked into


We got mentioned on the r/windows subreddit! Votes are fluctuating between 120 and 130, though. Still, a nice feat for us. 

(Also, our next release is coming along nicely. Everything has been finished, and now refinements and distribution are our next concerns before we roll it out).


Changed website design to the one made by Spriteclad, implemented by Maigol


Deployed a compatible tab configuration for WLM 8.x alongside fixing MSN 6.0 - 7.5's. 6.x, 7.x, and 8.x users rejoice!

Also, WLM 2009 support has been confirmed and is currently in the works and in the process of being completed. Get your hype hats on!

By the way, sorry we haven't updated this in almost a year. 


Added StuffPlug to the MSN Messenger downloads page.


Added stats page


Hozzáadott WLM 8.1.0178 magyarul az MSN Messenger letöltések oldalon (Added WLM 8.1.0178 in Hungarian to the MSN Messenger downloads page)


Agregado WLM 8.1.0178 en Español a la página de descargas de MSN Messenger (Added WLM 8.1.0718 in Spanish to the MSN Messenger downloads page)


Add support, downloads, and patching instructions for WLM 8.1.0178

Added Escargot Autopatcher download (We no longer offer Escargot Autopatcher as its patching methods are obsolete)

Added a short mention of how to patch (Patching instructions are now a part of our connecting guide, depending on what section you're looking at)


Added more pre-patched downloads for MSN Messenger in several languages

Added registry file for easier patching of MSN 1 – 6.2


Added downloads for Messenger Plus! Sound Patch and Emoticon Creator for MSN Messenger (Note that we've removed the sound server patches and replaced them with pre-patched versions of the Messenger Plus! installers with the patches built-in)


Added downloads for Messenger Plus! and MSN Polygamy for MSN Messenger


Added pre-patched MSN 5.0 in several languages

Updated patching instructions for MSN Messenger 6.0+ for getting tabs working (Our Switcher component takes care of loading MSN Messenger tabs automatically)


MSN 7.5 is now fully supported

Added new downloads for MSN Messenger, both pre-patched and unpatched installers, in several languages

Added pre-patched MSN 5.0 in several languages

Logging in with "password-in-email" is no longer supported: to log in MSN 1 – 4, check the "Old MSN support" checkbox when creating your account or resetting your password

Updated patching instructions for MSN 5.0 – 6.2


MSN Switcher (not to be confused with our new Escargot Switcher component) has been retired; recommend everyone use a pre-patched version or patch their own


Password reset implemented; hopefully you signed up with a real email!


MSN 6 now supported


Added support for MSN 5


Added support for MSN 2.2+, 3, 4


Added support for MSN 1 and 2.0


Escargot launched with support for MSN 7.0