Modernize yourself!

We're constantly trying to improve all of our services, and now it's your time to shine! Modernize your account RIGHT NOW!

If you don't modernize your account, it'll be permanently deleted on March 20th. Don't wanna risk your precious contacts and conversations, right?

Modernizing will make your account even more secure, you can change your display name, you can make your email private! That's right, you now get a fancy, schmancy email to use on Escargot!

If you have any questions whatsoever, just ask for help on our Discord, we're happy to help.

Infrequently asked questions

- Why are you doing this to us!?

There are actually a lot of reasons, but the most straight forward are:

1) Compatibility with older clients which accept only addresses, and other protocols such as AIM/AOL and Yahoo.

2) Privacy: So that you can have a real email address associated with your account (that no other users can see) and still have a login that you want.

- What about my contacts?

Your new login name will automatically appear on their contact list after they sign on again and will appear the same to them, so they will still know who you are. The reverse is also true, anyone on your contact list who modernizes will show up again the next time you sign on. It is advised while modernization is happening, that people re-sign on at least once a day, though most people will likely modernize within the first week.

- What about my account?

Unfortunately those who have earned logins will have to wait until modernization is complete, then they will be able to begin using their login. All those who have earned the will be notified.

If you wanna know what it is, click here.

- Can I still use my email address for login?

No, at least not right now. While it is true when we started this stage of the project we said you could, but it's just too complex for now. Later on you will be able to register an email address as your login, but it'll have to be a new user, however you will be able to link it with your old account. This won't be available until sometime later.... We will publicly announce when you can do this.

- Can I get a 2 character screenname? What about a 3 character one?

Check our donate page for more information!